Information folder

Dear guests,

with this information folder we would like to bring you closer to the accommodation and inform you about the possibilities at Tankumsee and the region.

Requests and information to the guest about the accommodation

It is important to us that the accommodation is always in good condition. We would therefore like to kindly ask you to treat all furnishings as carefully as if they were your own. 

Should something break, please let us know so that we can get a replacement for the following holiday guests in good time. 

The provision of resources such as water and energy is costly. So please use it sparingly. 

Our accommodation is non-smoking! Please adhere to it and smoke outside on the terrace. An ashtray is available. 

The landlord is not liable for valuables and cloakroom. 

Thank you for your understanding!

The waste bins are located outside.

Please pay attention to the waste separation!

The blue bin is intended for waste paper (cardboard boxes, paper bags, envelopes, wrapping paper, notebooks, sheets of paper, writing paper, catalogs, brochures, newspapers).

The black bin is intended for residual waste (leftover food, vacuum cleaner bags / contents, dirty paper, cigarette butts, used hygiene items).

The yellow sack is intended for plastic items (aluminum foil, beverage cans, food cans, meal trays, screw-on lids, disposable dishes, yoghurt cups, plastic bottles, plastic bags, styrofoam packaging, plastic packaging, milk cartons, juice cartons, soup bags, vacuum packaging).

Please place glass bottles next to the waste bins, or please dispose of them in the waste glass container (behind the driveway / driveway east).

If all of our waste bins are full, we ask you to write us an email (

Even the best vacation comes to an end.

Please drop us the key in the mailbox in the office by 10:00 a.m. at the latest (Eschenkamp 16, 38550 Isenbüttel, Tankumsee, West Entrance).

Please note the arrival information in your booking confirmation / incoming payment (email).

Please be sure to open the windows after showering. Please do not dispose of leftover food or hygiene items in the toilet.

The bed linen is provided by us and changed every 14 days. Please let us know if it is dirty. Independent washing of bed linen is prohibited.

Please ventilate the accommodation regularly!

When you leave the property, please close all windows and doors. Please also think about the roof window if necessary!

The accommodation has a flat-screen TV in the living room / area.

After your stay you will receive an email from us with a link for the evaluation sheet. We would be very happy if you would take the time to fill out these.

Please do not use any towels, bedspreads or couch cushions provided by us in the garden or beach area. Please place the chair pads in the rain, when you leave the accommodation and in the accommodation upon departure

Please remember that open fire is strictly forbidden at Tankumsee.

The guest / tenant is responsible for keeping the outdoor grill clean. So please let the embers cool down overnight and clean the grill the following day. A wire brush is available for this. Please do not use the tea towel and the associated rag.

Should the municipality issue a ban on barbecuing, you can borrow an electric grill from us on a daily basis free of charge.

Towels are not included in the basic price. You are welcome to book towels from us (see offer or fixed-term rental contract).

The towels, bedspreads and couch cushions provided by us are only to be used within the living area and are not intended for the garden or beach area.

We kindly ask you to leave all towels in the bathroom (shower tray) on departure.

Bringing pets must be discussed with us prior to arrival, as not all accommodations are allowed for pets.

With us you get free internet access via WLAN. The access data is in the accommodation.

The kitchens in our accommodations are equipped with crockery, cutlery, kettle, toaster, hobs and a microwave.

In the “Apartments / Studio” category, there is a Senseo coffee pad machine in the kitchen. In addition, there is an oven in Eschenkamp 9a and Eschenkamp 14b.

A filter coffee machine is available in the „Houses“ category. Furthermore, the houses have a dishwasher (except Erlengrund 31) and an oven.

For reasons of hygiene, there are no spices, coffee powder, etc. in the accommodation. available.

Please only park in the parking lot (s) we have provided.

The parking lot / parking spaces provided by us are free of charge for you as a tenant.

Smoking is not permitted in our accommodation! We ask you to smoke outside on the terrace.

Our accommodations are equipped with smoke detectors.

The cleaning takes place in consultation with you, no personal belongings or clothes are put away.

Vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan are available on site.

We would like to kindly ask you to observe the statutory rest time (midday rest: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and night rest: 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.).

Washing machine, clothes horse and iron are available on site.

As a tenant you will receive a key from us, on request we can also give you a second key. If the key is lost, the entire locking system must be replaced. The costs are to be borne by the polluter!


Ambulance service and fire brigade

Medical on-call service

E-Mail: (preferred)
Standby mobile phone: see welcome letter


Pharmacy emergency service Isenbüttel

Wiesenhofweg 6
38550 Isenbüttel
Telefon: 05374 673679

Hauptstraße 13
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 2395

Hausärztliche Gemeinschaftspraxis
Frau Susanne Stahmann

FA Christian Hering
Lindenstraße 1
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 3611

Arztpraxis Dipl. med. Marion Eggert
Wiesenhofweg 6
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 955744

Hausärztliche Praxis Dr. med. Peter Rieke
Reuteranger 1
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 1370

Zahnärztlicher Notdienst
Tel.: +49 5371 935351

Zahnärzte Zunk & Finger
In der Teichwiese 1
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 4565

Dr. med. dent. Holger Schmidt
Im Winkel 2
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 2345

see vet

Tankumsee GmbH
Dannenbütteler Weg 12
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 1665

Südheide Gifhorn GmbH
Marktplatz 1
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 937880

Sparkasse Celle-Gifhorn-Wolfsburg
Hauptstraße 16
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 81499999

Volksbank BraWo
Hauptstraße 17 A
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 80026991066

Am Wendehof 3
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 228 4333112


Bäckerei Leifert GmbH
Am Krainhop 1
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 9177594

Bäckerei Claus
Molkereistraße 4
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel: +49 5374 1288

EDEKA Kreiter 
Altes Mühlenfeld 2
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 66289

Moorstraße 2 b
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 800 4353361

Hauptstraße 11
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 0221 20199959

Reuteranger 4
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 8007234870

Reuteranger 6
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 6477

Kaufland Gifhorn
Eyßelheideweg 5
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 628900

famila Gifhorn
Braunschweiger Straße 40
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 170274

dm-Drogerie Markt Gifhorn
Braunschweiger Straße 40c
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 8958053

Rossmann Drogeriemarkt Gifhorn
Steinweg 53
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 866697

Fahrradverleih 38
Königsberger Straße 2c
38547 Calberlah
Tel.: +49 5374 9359992

Bergmann Fahrräder & Fahrradverleih
Bahnhofstraße 22
29364 Langlingen
Tel.: +49 5082 914490

Altes Mühlenfeld 1
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 917733

Fotografengesellin Marlen Homann

  • Portrait shootings

  • Animal shoots

  • Wedding report

  • Daycare photos

  • Physical therapy

  • Foot care

  • Hypnosis

  • Reflex integration

  • Speech therapy

Therapiezentrum Isenbüttel
Schulstraße 16 
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 1418

Helios Klinikum Gifhorn
Campus 6
38518 Gifhorn
Tel.: +49 5371 870

Klinikum Wolfsburg
Sauerbruchstraße 7
38440 Wolfsburg
Tel.: +49 5361 800

Klinikum Braunschweig  
Tel.: +49 531 5950

Vermietung am Tankumsee GmbH
Eschenkamp 16
38550 Isenbüttel 
Tel.: +49 5374 6020201
Fax: +49 5374 6020202

Wolfsburg – Gifhorn – Hannover
RB35 und RB47


Bushaltestellen am Tankumsee
Siedlung (für unsere Gäste ist diese Haltestelle empfehlenswert)

Tankumsee – Calberlah – Isenbütte
Bus-Line: 183

Wolfsburg – Fallersleben – Calberlah – Isenbüttel – Gifhorn 
Bus-Line: 180

  • Physical therapy

  • Foot care

  • Hypnosis

  • Reflex integration

  • Speech therapy

Therapiezentrum Isenbüttel
Schulstraße 16 
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 1418

Lärchenallee/ Vogelsangsfuhren
Near the Vogelsangsfuhren 2
38550 Isenbüttel

Campingplatz Tankumsee
Dannenbütteler Weg 7
38550 Isenbüttel

HADI Isenbüttel
Am Wendehof 3
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 0228 433311

Postfiliale am Bahnhof Gifhorn
Bahnhofstraße 2
38518 Gifhorn

Kiosk Lollypop Isenbüttel
Hauptstraße 13A
38550 Isenbüttel
+49 40593551111

Seekate am Tankumsee 
Dannenbütteler Weg 8
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 672059

Restaurante Pizzeria da Pippo am Campingplatz-Tankumsee
Dannenbütteler Weg 7
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 9180391

Restaurant – Seehotel am Tankumsee
Eichenpfad 2
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 9100

Strandgut Tankumsee
Dannenbütteler Weg 11
38550 Isenbüttel

Jens Bistro Seeblick
Eichenpfad 4
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 918580

See recreational opportunities – region

Tierklinik Braunschweig 
Dr. Tholen
Pippelweg 71
38118 Braunschweig
Tel.: +49 531 82084 o

Tierarztpraxis Dr. Thomasmeyer
Hauptstraße 54a
38547 Calberlah
Tel.: +49 5374 6030408

Tierarztpraxis in Isenbüttel
Dr. med. vent. C. Koch
Molkereistraße 2
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 917941
Notdiensthandy: +49 157 84264261

Tierarztpraxis im Gesundheitszentrum Isenbüttel
Wiesenhof 6
38550 Isenbüttel
Tel.: +49 5374 918838



Ambulance service and fire brigade

Medical on-call service

see contact details landlord

Bitte beachten Sie

Für touristische Reisen gilt bei uns die Corona – 2G-Regel.
Geschäftsreisende sind davon ausgeschlossen.
Minderjährige (Kinder und Jugendliche bis zur Vollendung ihres 18. Lebensjahres) und Personen mit medizinischer Kontraindikation und Personen in klinischen Studien, die sich nicht impfen lassen dürfen, sind von der Nachweispflicht einer Impfung oder Genesung ausgenommen. Diese Personen müssen entweder einen Altersnachweis oder ein ärztliches Attest vorlegen, das eine Impfung ausdrücklich ausschließt.
Personen mit medizinischer Kontraindikation und Personen in klinischen Studien müssen allerdings ein tagesaktuelles negatives PoC-Antigen-Testsergebnis nachweisen; dies gilt auch in den Fällen in Warnstufe 2 und 3, in denen ein negatives PCR-Testergebnis verlangt wird.